The Three Musketeers

Mickey, Donald and Goofy unite for their first feature film together: Disney's "The Three Musketeers". Disney began production for this movie back in 1929. Now, 75 years later, this epic tale is available on DVD. The story takes place in France, where Mickey, Donald and Goofy are janitors for head musketeer, Peg-Leg Pete. Mickey and the gang dream of becoming musketeers, and one day Pete grants them their wish. Little do they realize that Pete's intention is anything but virtuous: Pete has hired the gang to kidnap Princess Minnie so that he can become king! Little does Pete realize that he is the one who will be fooled in the end. Mickey, Donald and Goofy embark on a journey filled with many challenges which jeopardize their union, yet the trio learn that they must use teamwork and their friendship in order to get over their hurdles. Make way for a tale of friendship, love and adventure, which everyone is bound to enjoy. Equally amusing are the songs featured throughout the movie: prepare yourself for new spins on classical music by the likes of Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and more. Here is a musical comedy that is sure to entertain!

Special Features:

This DVD is loaded with extras. A new feature on Disney DVD is "Fast Play", which enables the viewer to watch the movie as well as all the bonus features by simply pressing play. Special features include "Music & More": a collection of songs from the movie, complete with sing along (where the words to the songs are highlighted at the bottom of the screen). There is also a music video unique to "The Three Musketeers" movie, entitled "Three Is A Magic Number". There are two interactive features in the "Games & Activities" section. "Opera Toon-Ity" allows the player to create his or her own mock-opera. The player must first select a setting, followed by a member of the "Three Musketeers" cast. The result is a whacky opera performance, complete with humourous costumes and outrageous singing and lyrics. "The Many Hats of Mickey" allows the player to choose one of nine hats that Mickey has worn at some point during his film career. Once a hat is chosen, the comedic narrator gives a brief description of the film that the hat was featured in, including the year of production. Then a short clip from the movie is show. This is a very interesting special feature, where the viewer gets to experience Mickey Mouse at many stages of his career (from as early as 1930!). "Backstage At Disney" is a mock-news report on the release of "The Three Musketeers". The creators are interviewed, as they speak about "auditions" for the movie, as well as working with Mickey and the gang. This is an extremely witty segment, as the production team reveals personal details about the off screen lives of the cast. Who would have guessed that bad guy Peg-Leg Pete enjoys baking? There is also a scene commentary from the cast themselves. As we watch one of the opening scenes, Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pete discuss what it was really like filming "The Three Musketeers". Last but not least are the deleted scenes. Preliminary sketches can be viewed with or without commentary.

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