Walking Tall

I have never been a fan of the Rock's acting abilities and "Walking Tall" has not changed my mind. The original 1973 classic was a lot grainier and also lacked cohesion, yet if you don't take the Rock or this film too seriously you may actually enjoy it.

"Walking Tall" is once again not the film that will propel The Rock into the action-god pantheonship. "Walking Tall" will remind you of a typical 1980's action flick and it does not sway far from its original. Further, the plot is a no-brainer and we have all seen these types of thoughtless stories before. The editing and photography is uninteresting. But, the trend has been to re-tread old flicks since audiences are buying into it.

The 2004 "Walking Tall" version is dedicated to the real life Sheriff Buford Pusser. The Rock assumes the role of Chris Vaughn, the ex-Special Forces officer, who returns home to discover the storefronts boarded up and the whole town in disarray. The neighborhood wealth is now subjugated by a drug-drenched casino run by Vaughn's corrupt childhood buddy (Neal McDonough).

Watch this film expecting violence and action with almost no intelligent dialogue and you will not be disappointed. In conclusion, don't expect much and then you'll probably enjoy this re-worked classic.

Special DVD Features:
-Deleted scenes, these scenes definitely should have been left out and were.
-Bloopers, are always fun to watch.
-Alternate Ending; this is my favorite part of the Special DVD Features and I of course will not give away the alternate ending, you'll have to watch it yourself.
-"Fight The Good Fight" Stunts feature.
-Audio commentary by the Rock and by Director Kevin Bray and the crew.
-Photo Gallery.
-Original Theatrical Trailer.

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