Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge came together when former Creed song writer Mark Tremonti decided he wanted to give his musical career a second chance. This time however, he would focus on deeply personal issues, while exploring his rock 'n' roll roots. Due to a shared vision, Tremontei (guitar/vocals) ended up regrouping with Brian Marshall (bass) and Scott Phillips (drums), also formerly of Creed. The trio were then joined by long time friend and former Mayfeild Force singer, Myles Kennedy (vocals). The name Alter Bridge is an actual structure in Tremonti's hometown of Detroit, Michigan. The bridge is regarded as a boundary marker for the children of the surrounding neighborhood: what lies beyond the bridge is forbidden territory. For the band, the bridge symbolizes choice, the unknown, and the commencement of a new chapter in their lives. To mark their focus and dedication, band initiation involved jumping from the bridge: a drop of over 300 feet! Alter Bridge are focused on learning from their past experiences in order to begin with a new perspective. Given the history of the band, there is a natural coercion to their music. They make a point of emphasizing that their sound is a sort of rebirth, with a focus on the present and future. Alter Bridge is influenced by a wide scope of styles, such as modern rock, soul and aggressive metal. Their sound has a close connection to 1970's rock, mixed with present day alternative. Best songs are: "Find The Real", "Open Your Eyes", "In Loving Memory" and "Down To My Last".

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