Coheed And Cambria

Coheed and Cambria have conquered the emo and punk world with their infectious blend of poppy metal and indie rock. The band has been around since 1995, under the name Shabutie, but it was as of 2001 that they officially became Coheed and Cambria. If you're looking for original sounding music this band is for you. Claudio Sanchez' (vocals/guitar) unmistakable high pitched screaming and choppy singing are quite original in sound. The guitar work by Sanchez and Travis Stever (guitar) is slightly grungy, with a lot of intentional feedback due to transitions between high chords to lower ones. They are complimented by lower toned bass lines, played by Michael Todd (bass), while Joshua Epard (drums) joins in with technical drumming. Sanchez has a unique approach to his lyric writing. Instead of thrown a pity party for himself, he tells the story of two fictional characters, coincidentally named Coheed and Cambria. The lyrics are very poetic and tremendously chaotic, which works to the band's advantage. Half the fun of listening to Coheed and Cambria is trying to figure out the story line. "In Keeping Secrets Of The Silent Earth: 3" is actually the third installment of this non-linear tale, and sadly the section where Coheed and Cambria die. The first arch will be presented in the next album, followed by the fifth arch. The inevitable question is: what will happen to the band once the story ends? For the time being, pick up "In Keeping Secrets Of The Silent Earth: 3", you definitely won't be disappointed! Best songs are: "In Keeping Secrets Of The Silent Earth: 3", "Three Evils (Embodied In Love And Shadow)", "The Crowing", "The Velourium Camper II: Backend Forever" and the radio hit "A Favor House Atlantic".

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