Franz Ferdinand

Just about a year ago, Franz Ferdinand was nothing more than a band whose sole intention was to entertain the Glasgow art scene. These Scottish lads certainly didn't predict the fame they have come to embrace. The band recently signed to Domino Records, home of quite a number big time indie-rockers, such as Pavement and Sebadoh. Their first release "Franz Ferdinand" is currently at the top of the charts, with their single "Take Me Out" as a huge hit on the airwaves, MTV and even in alternative dance clubs. Franz Ferdinard have a retro vibe, circa the early 80's, while embracing the underground disco and rock scenes. The band's style has frequently been compared to that of The Jam and The New York Dolls. To say the band's music is catchy would be an understatement. Alexander Kapranos' (vocals/guitar) urgent, pleading voice delivers bizarrely articulated thoughts on life and love. Kapranos, Nicholas McCarthy (guitar/back vocals), Robert Hardy (bass) and Paul Thomson (percussion) produce smooth, danceable chords and catchy beats that will have you up and dancing before you know it. Franz Ferdinand is sure to hit home with fans of Stellarstar*, Talking Heads, Interpol and Hot Hot Heat. Best songs are: "Jacqueline", "Take Me Out", "Auf Achse", "Darts Of Pleasure" and "Come On Home".

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