Lamb Of God

Picture a fiery inferno, filled with chaos and brutality. This very image is representative of the musical madness delivered by Lamb Of God. This Richmond, Virginia band began under the name Burn The Priest. They released their first album in 1998, and then decided to change their name. After months of touring in 2003, the band released "As The Palace Is Burned" under their new name, Lamb Of God. Their latest album, "Ashes Of The Wake" illustrates the band's technicality, complete with ferocious guitar work, intense breakdowns and tight drumming. Randy Blythe's (vocals) deep, throaty growls will swamp your head, while Chris Adler's (drums) drumming is like a vicious punch in the gut. Dual guitar madness is played by Mark Morton (lead/rhythm guitars) and Willie Adler (lead/rhythm guitars). Joined by John Campbell (bass), these three produce ferocious sounds, complete with added surprises, resulting in one hell of an aural assault. Lamb Of God are definitely the epitome of American death metal. Best songs on this album are: "Laid To Rest", "The Faded Line", "Blood Of The Scribe" and "Remorse Is For The Dead".

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