Secret Weapons of Kung Fu 2

Ka-Pow! Prepare yourself for a full-on assault! Kung Fu Films presents "Secret Weapons of Kung Fu 2", a DVD of 23 action packed music videos by a bunch of great artists on a variety of records labels. This collection features punk, ska, hardcore and rock artists such as The Vandals, The Ataris, Alkaline Trio, Ozma, The Matches and Poison The Well. Sticking with the label's theme, each video is introduced over clips of cheesy Karate scenes, circa the 1970's. In addition to authentic music videos, there are many high quality live performances on this DVD, mostly taken from Kung Fu Films' collection of band specific DVDs entitled "The Show Must Go Off!". Each clip in this collection rocks: "43210-1" by the Vandals features the band done up in nerdy nautical gear, set to the background of a rap video, which takes place on a cruise ship. The cut-and-paste D.I.Y. effect of this video is absolutely hilarious. Another must see is Neil Hamburger's "Britney Spears": a nerdy professor doing horrible standup comedy about Miss Spears. The reaction from his audience is priceless. The most artistic videos on this DVD are from Ozma. "Spending Time" has the band reproduced in the form of sound sensitive lights, which intensify with the music. "Eponine" features a guy singing and dancing around his room in a towel, caught on tape by a spy cam. Equally enjoyable is Audio Karate's "Jesus Is Alive And Well (And Living In Mexico)" which features soaring vocals and a beautiful video to match. Another favorite is "Take The Reins" by Tsunami Bomb, the only female fronted band featured on this DVD.

Special features include audio commentary by the bands and directors of the videos, as well as links to related websites and trailers for various Kung Fu DVDs.

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