Western society’s perfect female

Have we as a society become predisposed to what we are supposed to believe, or do we still have our own opinions on whom or what we really like? Of course this inquiry will generate several diverse responses none of which will be correct or incorrect. Perhaps these quandaries are best handled by logicians, theorists or philosophers, but nevertheless let's try to tackle the issue.

Western civilization's vision of the perfect female within in the last 50 years may have been influenced by several factors. Initially, dolls such as the "Barbie Doll" may have persuaded pre-adolescents into admiring a specific look. Then models and the fashion industry set another even less attainable standard.

Are all men looking for the proverbial "Barbie"? I think a preponderance of guys are, but I also believe that the tide is turning. Men are becoming more and more interested in what lies behind those dreamy eyes and are not just interested in the flesh beneath the clothes.

Personally, I have a picture of my ideal women in my mind; unfortunately I have never met her. I won't bore you with the details of my imaginary soul-mate, since she may not even exist. Physically, several women have come close to what I am looking for. Nevertheless, to find a woman that perfectly suits me in body and spirit may be asking for a bit too much. Of course the next logical question is; should we settle for less than we are longing for? The answer, once again, depends on the individual. Several of my friends are in long lasting relationships with spouses they merely tolerate; but somehow they're still content; perhaps because of their companionship, family, regular and safer sex lives…who knows why.

I think it is important to find someone you are attracted to physically and Intellectually. Hopefully the chemistry is apparent from the get go, however if it is not, it may very well develop in time. I think the chemistry between couples transcends comprehension and I'm still trying to figure out how I wound up with a few of my past partners.

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