Tea Party

The strong rock feeling that carried the album Interzone Mantras is still present on "Seven Circles", but the band's sound has been distilled. The polished studio sound adds another layer to create a distinctly different album from the ever-changing Tea Party. The title track never moves beyond its average sound into the ecstatic liberation that characterized the soaring sounds fans know and love. The single "Writing on the Wall" has a strong rock sound but there seems to be more style than substance holding this and other tunes together. This is an OK album that would have been amazing had it come from an unknown band that garnered no expectations. Coming from the Tea Party, it leaves one wondering why they are meandering into a type of non confrontational rock that disappears as soon as it is heard. Bottom line is that this is an enjoyable disk but nothing amazing. Fans and non-fans can enjoy it but to find the true spirit of the Tea Party check out any of their earlier albums.

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