Popular's most interesting and engaging season was its first; and here it is for the first time ever on DVD. This collection contains all 22 episodes (on six-discs). Popular was a revolutionary television program that debuted in 1999. Winning the 2000 Teen Choice Award – for Best Breakout Show and nominated for TV Guide's Award for Favorite Teen Show, Popular was destined for greatness, yet the next season was far less successful and interesting than the first.

From The Creator of TV's "Nip/Tuck," Popular features Leslie Bibb (TV's "ER;" "Line of Fire"), Bryce, Carly Pope, Tammy Lynn Michaels (TV's "The L Word") Lisa Darr ("Gods and Monsters"),Leslie Grossman ("What I Like About You"), Sara Rue (TV's "Less Than Perfect"), Christopher Gorham (TV's "Jake 2.0"), and more other talented supporting actors.

The basic premise of Popular is simple; how two distinct high school factions interact and especially each of the group's protagonists. The show's two leads reluctantly come together after each of their respective parents get romantically attached. The popular and beautiful Brooke McQueen (Leslie Bibb) and the not so popular, but cool and pretty Sam McPherson (Carly Pope) are enjoyable to watch and so is the rest of the cast. Other notable characters include Brooks' best friend Nicole Julian (Tammy Lynn Michaels), the kindly overweight girl Carmen Ferrara (Sara Rue) and the befuddled boyish Lilly Esposito (Tamara Mello). Eventually the two cliques work out their differences when Brook's and Sam's parents move in together and ultimately plan on getting married.

I wonder if anyone noticed that all the popular girls are blondes and all the unpopular girls are brunettes? Popular has just the right mix of humor and drama which is evocative of "Friends." The music used on the show sounds great and fits in perfectly.

If you're familiar with this imaginative TV show you will enjoy watching each and every episode again. If you're into discovering something fresh and witty not only intended for adolescents of our present era but rather adults who survived their teens in another decade. Enjoy this short lived but engaging television series.

Bonus DVD Features:
-Never-before-seen footage
-Audio commentary from the cast and crew. Including: Ryan Murphy, Jamie Babbit, Chris Gorham, Bryce Johnson and Leslie Bibb.

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