The Alamo

When hearing that The Alamo was directed by a man named John Lee Hancock, you can't help but assume that the film will be two hours of hardcore-Americana. Well, it is. With sweeping visuals and satisfying performances, The Alamo is worth seeing if you enjoy war movies. Those craving a well-researched history lesson should turn the other way. This remake of a 1960 John Wayne picture is based on the 1836 stand-off between the Americans and Mexicans, which ultimately led to Davy Crockett and his men triumphing over Santa Anna's army. Taking on the coveted role of Crockett is everyone's favorite country boy, Billy Bob Thornton who humanizes the legendary gunslinger. Dennis Quaid and Jason Patric co-star in the film as General Sam Huston and Sam Bowie, delivering equally powerful performances. With muskets a blazin' and bodies stacking up by the minute, the film manages to be quite respectful when it comes to violence. While The Alamo isn't as tame as Scooby-Doo, parents needn't worry that they're buying their children tickets for a Kill Bill-ish exploitation-fest. Blood, guts and shocking images are exceptionally scarce, used only to emphasize the horrors of war. The Alamo takes its cues from the countless war films of yesteryear, taking its sweet time to finally arrive at its patriotic climax. If restlessness has never been a problem for you, then the movie's slow-start shouldn't pose any serious predicaments. Ultimately, The Alamo is a surefire bet for those whose favorite colors are red, white and blue.

Bonus DVD Features:

The scenes contained in the bonus portion of the DVD are extensive and accurately put together to be appreciated by historians and common viewers alike.
-Walking In The Footsteps Of Heroes; imagine what life was like during the setting of the film, this was very enjoyable.
-Deleted Scenes – the usual Bonus DVD Feature, you've seen it before
-Return Of The Legend: The Making Of The Alamo- especially interesting for film makers and historians, since every detail of the film is laid out.
-Deep In The Heart Of Texans- I enjoyed this sociological perspective on the film…check it out.

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