Gary Beals

Gary Beals has already had a great start to his career: he was the runner-up on last year's Canadian Idol. Since the show, Beals has released a self titled album, which debuted at #10 on the Soundscan top 200 chart. The album consists of 14 original songs penned by Beals himself, including a special song entitled "Thank You" which acknowledges everyone who has helped him get to where he is now. Twenty-one year old Beals began his singing career at the Cherry Brooke United Baptist Church (Nova Scotia), as a performer in the gospel group, Light of Day. This record showcases Beals' gospel roots, in combination with soul and R&B. Beals' classic sound has impressively appealed to more than three generations of music fans. It also helps that Beals is true to himself and extremely good natured, which really comes through in his music performances and in the way he treats his fans. In addition to making appearances across Canada, Beals recently participated in the "Drop The Chrome" campaign as a member of the Peace Prophets, for which he recorded a song that speaks out against gun violence. Gary Beals plans on touring the nation this fall and winter. Best songs: "Not That Strong", "Let's Commit To Love", "Angel" and of course his hit single "Summer Nights".

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