Masta Ace

Masta Ace made his rap debut in 1988, when producer Marley Marl had Masta Ace record a song for his album "In Control, Vol. 1". Shortly after, Masta Ace was making guest appearances on a variety of rap albums, which lead to the release of his own album. He eventually moved on to production. In 1994, Masta Ace disappeared off the radar. It was only in 2000 that he reemerged for a European tour. After the tour, Masta Ace decided he wanted to work on writing new material. For a while, he had been discouraged by the state of the industry, feeling that people weren't into hardcore rhyming anymore: everything had to be watered down, and Masta Ace wasn't diggin' that. However, after hearing about emerging talented acts as Eminem and Jay-Z, Masta Ace regained his confidence and got down to work. His recent album, "A Long Hot Summer" consists of 21 hot tracks of stylized rhymes and smooth beats. The perfect album for those who like no-nonsense rap. Best tracks are: "Fats Belvedere", "Do It Man", "Travelocity" and "Revelations".

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