River City Rebels

The River City Rebels came together a number of years ago, when six close friends who shared a love for music decided to form a garage band. At the time, the band came only second to things like school and family, which meant that members came and went. As the years passed the group managed to overcome the hurdles and eventually became Bopper (vocals), Jungle Face Jake (guitar), CJ Bags (bass), Brand Heart Attack (trombone), Ryan Saucy Jack (tenor saxophone) and Erik (drums). Five years and over 400 shows later, the River City Rebels are still kicking up a storm. Their sound remains gritty and grungy to this day, as guitars wail and words fly: proving that rock n' roll is still alive and well. Most of this band's appeal is in their image, if you dig that kind of thing. The River City Rebels flaunt tremendous amounts of sex appeal, with an intriguing combination of boyish charm and bad boy attitude. If it's ain't sex, drugs and rock n' roll, it ain't the River City Rebels. Best songs are: "Hurt Like I Do", "Hate To Be Loved", "I'm So Vain" and "Glitter And Gold".

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