West Indian Girl

West Indian Girl is the strangely captivating combination of two dissimilar vocalists from Los Angeles Francis Ten and Robert James that merge into a swirling rhythm of modern sounds. "Miles From Monterey" is a unique track that's both easing and catchy at the same time. Despite their steady paced tempo, songs such as "Hollywood" and "Trip" carry an awakening beat. This well-balanced blend of mystic rock and electronic instruments are relative to their choice of name. "West Indian Girl" is named after the strain of LSD created in 1963 by renowned chemists Bear which produced tribal hallucinations. Fans of U2 may find this album particularly appealing for its attractive edge and unique approach to rock. Listening to the final track "Lay Down" it's clear this band has arranged an album of pure melodic tunes that are not only easy to listen to but pleasing and imaginative.

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