Metallica / Bell Center

1200px-Metallica_at_The_O2_Arena_London_2008“The people that follow Metallica know I don’t say this very often. Montreal is my favorite city in North America to play in”, said Lars. This is how the show ended after two huge nights in our city, now let’s rewind.

With enough lights to power a small town and enough pyro to qualify for a spot at the annual fireworks festival and enough sound to blow your head off Metallica rolled into Montreal for two nights and 36 000 fans. All these people can’t be wrong and they weren’t. Metallica is a professional production from top to bottom. Sound, lights, a square stage “in the round” set up and a catalog of music than can fuel a two hour plus show with all the energy and anger one comes to expect at a Metallica show. On this tour Metallica has been changing up the set lists nightly and saved the best for last so to speak. The first night was well documented in a local newspaper but it was last nights show where the treats were pulled out. The biggest and to everyone’s surprise was “The Unforgiven” off the shelf for the first time in 11 years! The last time Metallica performed The Unforgiven in the US was on February 21, 1993 in Tallahassee, FL. Other rare ones last night included “Leper Messiah”, “Holier Than Thou”, “Damage Inc.” and “Metal Militia” This was Metallica’s 8th time playing Montreal and each show gets bigger and better and tighter, true professionals through and through. If I had to pick the member who was most fired up it seemed to be a tie between lead guitarist Kirk Hammett who just blistered every lead he touched and drummer Lars Ulrich who powered the band with his incredible sense of timing and strong beats. For those who missed the show the good news is they will be playing in Quebec city at The Pepsi Colisee on October 14 and 15, worth the drive for those who can go.

Leper Messiah
The Unforgiven
Sad But True
Holier Than Thou
St. Anger
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Creeping Death
Damage Inc.
I Disappear
Nothing Else Matters
Master Of Puppets
Enter Sandman
Metal Militia
Seek And Destroy

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