The Beach Boys

Ten classic Beach Boys tunes for one cheap price; what a great introduction into the godfathers of Californian surf music. The Beach Boys' surf period was when they wrote their best songs. Eventually, Brian Wilson's creativity began to fizzle and the band took on an unusual sound. The harmonies where still familiar and strong yet the sparkle of later songs such as: "Can Hear Music," "Kokomo" and "Then I Kissed Her" vanished (none of the previously mentioned songs are included on this CD). So check out 10 very familiar Beach Boys classics, they include: "Fun, Fun, Fun," "Barbara-Ann," "California Girls," "Good Vibrations," "I Get Around, Help Me Rhonda," "Surfer Girl" and "Wouldn't It Be Nice." Interestingly, The Beach Boys are still touring without the three founding Wilsons. I can not comment on their live concerts since they have eluded me thus far. About 90% of this album is from the early 1960's band's surfing career, plus a few songs from "Pet Sounds." The Beach Boys have been together for about 40 years in various incarnations: releasing about 50 albums, not including greatest hits albums such as this one. The most thorough retrospective / greatest hits compilation album is probably the "Good Vibrations box set," it may contain more hit songs, but for the fan with a budget in mind "The Best Of The Beach Boys" is an ideal introduction.

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