It seems that with every year, Blondie is becoming more and more popular. This flamboyant discopop-rock group has become one of this biggest musical icons in North American pop culture. This is the CD version of the "Live By Request" show Blondie preformed and recorded for A&E. Viewers were asked to call or email their song requests, which the band then preformed live. The result is a DVD and CD packed with Blondie classics, done with a new flare. Unfortunately the CD is short 2 songs from the performance: "Undone" and "Maria". However, the remaining 14 songs on this album are definitely worth a trip to the record store. The very fashionable Debbie Harry is still as hot as ever, and her voice radiates with the same energy it did twenty years ago. The band on this recording is not the original Blondie line-up. "Live On Request" features: Paul Carbonara (guitar), Chris Stein (guitar), Leigh Foxx (bass), Jimmy Destri (keyboards), Kevin Patrick (keyboards) and Clem Burke (drums). Unique to this recording are the additional instrumental sections. After a song has come to an end, the band starts up the song again (minus the vocals), allowing for a sort of musical showcase. With exceptional sound quality, and all your favorite Blondie songs, "Live On Request" is a must have. Best songs are: "Hanging On The Telephone", "Good Boys", "One Way Or Another", "Dreaming" and "Rip Her To Shreds".

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