Meat Loaf

Back in 1967, Marvin Lee Aday decided it was time he make some changes in his life by heading to Los Angeles to start a singing and acting career. Along with the move came a new found moniker, none other than Meat Loaf. Meat Loaf's first career break was the role of Eddie in the movie "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". In 1974, Meat Loaf released his first album "Bat Out Of Hell". In the past 30 years, Meat Loaf has made a huge name for himself through extensive touring and by selling over 60 million albums worldwide. Meat Loaf's latest release revisits the good ol' days, as "Bat Out Of Hell" goes live. Meat Loaf's wild tales are accompanied by the musical finesse of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. The musical arrangements are truly outstanding, creating the big, booming, masculine sound for which Meat Loaf is renown. While this CD consists of only 6 songs, it lasts for close to an hour, with "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" clocking in at over 20 minutes! Not to miss: Meat Loaf reciting poetry after the first track. Best songs are: "Bat Out Of Hell", "Heaven Can Wait", "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" and "For Crying Out Loud".

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