ED Wood

This is the somewhat true story of ED Wood (Johnny Depp); possibly Hollywood's weirdest and most creative thinker. In the 1950's Wood created low budget films that met up with his expectations but never with the critic's hopes. The subject of Wood's films were based on ghosts and goblins, aliens and transvestites. The famed director was known for making incredibly bad films. His sets were beyond budget conscious but Wood's absurdity made up for the lack of professional sets, although his films still stank.
Burton's film emulates Wood's style of film making and it is this pinnacle part of the film that I eventually become bored with. This black-and-white film has the same feel as the original Wood pictures I'm told and many have found this effect and film enchantingly humorous and honest. The best part of this flick may be Martin Landau's portrayal of morphine addicted horror star Bela Lugosi and Bill Murray (as the hilarious transsexual called Bunny Breckinridge). Interestingly, Wood enlists anyone he can persuade to co-star or finance his film.
The "Bride of the Monster" is eventually released and as is usually the case Wood is more than satisfied by this critically distained effort. Watch out for amusing and unusual performances by Lisa Marie (as Vampire), Sarah Jessica Parker as Wood's girlfriend and leading lady who leaves the wacky director and Patricia Arquette's portrayal of Kathy Wood.

This DVD is more enjoyable than the original 1994 theatrical film because of the special DVD features that are in fact worthwhile. The "features" will explain several of the oddities of the film and makes "Ed Wood" come across as more of a biographical effort.

Special DVD features:

-Deleted scenes – I did not overly enjoy this segment, yet it has become a standard in DVDland.

-Behind The Scenes Featurette (hosted by Depp) also a standard in DVDland. However, I always enjoy this segment since it gives you a sense of the energy on the set.

-Making Bela (hosted by Martin Landau and the makeup designer Rick Baker) – the creation of Martin Landau's or rather Bela Lugosi's character.

-"Pie Plates Over Hollywood" (hosted by production designer Tom Duffield) shows how the film was envisioned and then created.

-Audio Commentary (hosted by Tim Burton, the co-writers and Martin Landau) – Yes, once again a standard in DVDland but very helpful for this film

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