Elvis Costello

Elvis culminates several musical styles on his latest studio release "The Delivery
Man." "Button My Lip" launches this over-all high octane disc. Costello then switches the mood of the CD instantly with some calmer songs such as "Country Darkness" and "Either Side". Elvis's brilliant approach of combining a wide range of musical genres along with his distinctive voice makes this album unique. The harder edged "Monkey to Man" brings this effort to a peak, whereas his collaboration with second wife Cait O'Riordan in "The Judgment" slows the pace down a notch. Interestingly, "The Delivery Man" is dedicated to his present wife Diana Krall, Costello holds back no emotion or composure towards past relationships. Between strident upbeat songs you can expect pensive songs that reflect a deeper sentiment. "The Delivery Man" contributes an assortment of striking tracks from beginning to end that all listeners will be attracted to.

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