Baby Einstein

The first word that comes to mind after seeing this DVD is: adorable! "Baby Noah: Animal Expedition", the latest DVD to come out of the "Baby Einstein" collection, takes babies and toddlers on a 38 minute exploration of animals from around the globe. Children learn about animals from all different climates: rainforest, tropics, outback, and the polar region. As an added touch, the animals are presented in groups of two, just like on Noah's Arc. Real images of wild animals, joyful puppets, animation, real toys and images of other children are combined to offer the best tools to enhance cognitive development. These images are complimented by the soothing sounds of Beethoven, Bizet and Mozart. A stimulating DVD that infants will definitely enjoy.

Special features are:
– Repeat Play: a great learning tool.
– Language Tracks in Spanish, French and English.
– Discovery Cards: interactive digital flash cards which help with memory development.
– Guess The Animal: an interactive game.
– Talk Like The Animals: children learn which sound goes with which animal.
– Puppet Shows: the perfect visual aid children are bound to enjoy.
– Story Time With "Jane's Animal Expedition": fun stories featuring the animals which were recently introduced.
– Toy Chest: children can explore a variety of virtual animal toys.

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