Hope of the States

"The Lost Riots" starts unconventionally with "The Black Amnesias", a blaring rock instrumental. It is a discordant attention grabber with frantic, searing guitar lines and flailing drums. Unfortunately this is where the album peaks. The tracks that follow it are typical, moody rock songs with angsty lyrics. But although they do not stand up to the opener, the album is not a complete failure. The second track "Enemies/Friends" makes for a great top-40 rock song. It is, like the rest of the album, immediately accessible. Yet it is all too familiar. "Don't Go To Pieces," is a Coldplay knockoff, a slow song with flubbing beats and wistful lyrics backed up by a plinking piano. On other tracks they sound like a grittier version of Coldplay, the grit being lifted straight out of Radiohead's "The Bends" (the soaring, rapid guitar notes in particular). Here the band's intentions are a little transparent. Hope of the States have been heralded as the next big thing out of Britain, but it sounds more like they have been constructed to resemble past big things out of Britain.


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