Tin Foil Phoenix

Tin Foil Phoenix is a Canadian hard rock band that formed in Winnipeg, Manitoba during the 1990's. The band that was formerly known as Sonic Bloom originally started with Michael Allen Zirk (vocals) , Steven Kray (percussion), and Fish (guitar) then later added Paul Robinson on bass and Phil Cholosky as a second guitarist. After their EP "Hurry" (2001) Tin Foil Phoenix has finally released their first complete album. "Living in The Shadow of The Bat" includes ten indescribable and unique rock n' roll tracks. The album includes the song "Neopolitan" which was well received by radio listeners when it first hit the airwaves in 2001. Combining hip hop with vigorous rock the band has said they can't quite classify their style themselves. The diversity of this one of a kind band makes you wonder how such dissimilar artists combined so well. This album has flavorful elements that keep it exciting from beginning to end.

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