Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas DVD

Mickey Mouse and friends (done in engaging 3D graphics!) are busy preparing for the Holidays. However, they each become a little too engaged in their preparations to the point of becoming selfish, careless, angry, and eventually regretful. This 68 minute film (directed by Matthew O'Callaghan) features 5 festive stories with important morals. In "Belles On Ice", Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck enter a skating contest, which only leads to bitterness and jealousy. They end up making fools of themselves in front of a whole lot of spectators. "Christmas Impossible" features Huey, Duey and Louie Duck causing mayhem as they selfishly decide to add their names to Santa's list. In the process, the boys end up turning Santa's workshop upside down, potentially ruining Christmas for every child in the world. Family troubles arise in "Christmas Maximus", where Max is utterly embarrassed and ashamed of his dad, Goofy. In "Donald's Gift", Donald Duck's quest for peace and quiet just about ruins his family's holiday fun. Finally, Mickey almost looses his best friend Pluto due to a silly argument over Christmas decorations in "Mickey's Dog-Gone Christmas". Each of the stories concludes with a happy ending, where apologies are made and conflicts are resolved. In the end, each character regains perspective on the real reason for the holidays: generosity, togetherness, and best of all, friendship.

Special features:

Deleted Scenes:
– Introduction: a brief summary of the production process.
– So Many Choices, So Little Time: an exploration of some of the 20 other stories that didn't make the DVD.
– 4 clips featuring the brainstorming process behind each of the stories on this DVD.

Backstage Disney
– Inspiration On Ice: Olympic medal figure skater Michelle Kwan worked with Disney animators to inspire the ice skating sequences in "Belles On Ice". They also recorded Kwan's performance as a visual aid but also for audio clips which were used in the animation.

Games & Activities
– Santa's Workshop Challenge: a holiday quiz.
– Guess What Donald is Singing: Donald sings part of a Christmas song, then the viewer must complete Donald's sentence with a provided list of 3 possibilities.
– Santa's Sort: viewer must sort Santa's parcels into the right bin.
– DVD-ROM: viewer can create his or her own holiday cards and certificates.

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