Finding your soul-mate

If I had a simple answer to the title of this article I could have probably retired at a very young age. I do have several concepts and theories about finding mister or miss right and that's probably part of the reason that we will be introducing special Orcadating Events in the very near future.

Of course a number of of you are probably familiar with speed dating, internet dating, blind dates, the personnel ads and special dating events such as our "Orcadates" Events (more about that will be featured in upcoming columns).

The goal of this exercise is to find your soul-mate, friend, sweetheart, or that special someone you are longing for and that's not necessarily going to happen immediately. You will in all probability have to make an effort to find that "apple in your eye." There are a few things worth considering, depending on your demeanor and personality.

I think finding someone to share a part of your life with is not necessarily uncomplicated, especially if you're shy or introverted. Of course it's easy for someone else to tell you to come out of your shell but that's easier said than done. Never the less, I really believe that life is too short and being shy is a major waste of time and a huge inconvenience in one's life. Good luck to those of you that feel stuck and I hope web – surfing is worth the ride.

If you are able to communicate openly and confidently with the world around you, there are several options available to you. Without sounding too boastful the "Orcadates Events" will become synonymous with making meaningful and fun connections with like-minded people. Some future articles will delve into specific upcoming "Orcadates Events."

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