Joni Mitchell

Acclaimed artist Joni Mitchell is continuing to have an amazing career, with numerous hit songs. Her current album includes seventeen classic tracks for your listening enjoyment. The album begins with "Free Man In Paris." This was an international hit and will sound familiar to most of you. "In France They Kiss On Main Street" and "The Jungle Line" have interesting sounding musical backdrops. "Furry Sings The Blues" is notable as well. "Big Yellow Taxi" is a cool track and has since been remade by the likes of Amy Grant and most recently by The Counting Crows." Many of you will recognize "Help Me" which was quite the popular track in the past. "California," "Nothing Can Be Done," and "Come In From The Cold;" you probably already know most of the tunes on this disc but regardless check out Joni Mitchell's, Dreamland. It's a worthwhile purchase.

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