Boogie Wonder Band

If you miss disco Boogie Wonder's latest album "Kiss My Disco" is for you. This double CD offers up a large assortment of everyone's favorite disco songs. The first CD includes 37 classics such as "Car Wash," "And The Beat Goes On," "Turn The Beat Around," "We Are Family" and many others. This danced infused album features 36 timeless tracks such as "Funky town,", "Hot Stuff," "Lady Marmalade" and of course "Staying Alive". The Boogie Wonder Band has been exciting listeners in Club Med resorts and continue to energize audiences with their lively performances all over North America. The group includes singer and former showgirl Stardust, Eric also known as "Sexy Sax Player", Singer Natasha, Keyboard player Chico Murphy, bass player Cindy, drummer Luke Anderson, guitarist Jack Wrangler, Percussionist Malone, and trumpet player Tony. This collection is filled with positive upbeat tracks that capture their vivacious upbeat disco style.

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