Forget what you know about reality, life, and maybe even about Midtown. After many years in the punk rock scene, these guys seemed to have finally found their niche. "Forget What You Know" features the most defined sound ever heard from Midtown. Gabe Saporta (vocals/bass), Tyler Rann (guitar/vocals), Heath Saraceno (guitar/vocals) and Rob Hitt (drums) came together as a band in 1998. They stood out in the Jersey punk scene by combining elements of punk, emo and rock in their music. Their innovative sound soon got them a deal with Drive-Thru records. In November 2003, the band left Drive-Thru and signed with Columbia. The band's third release, "Forget What You Know" , explores the blurred line between fact and fiction. As the title suggests, Gabe Saporta's lyrics focus on the here and now, letting everything he has ever known fall right through his fingers. This album will take you on an adventure of serious self reflection, to the beat of dreamy rock song pumped with killer hooks and catchy melodies. Standouts are: "Give It Up", "Nothing Is Ever What It Seems", "Waiting For The News", "Help Me Sleep" and "So Long As We Keep Our Bodies Numb We're Safe".

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