Van Halen / Bell Center

When one of the last of the great living guitar gods rolls into town, you just gotta go.This brings us to the Van Halen concert Tuesday night at The Bell Center. The lights went down and in the dark our hero Eddie Van Halen starts us out with a tremendous ripping guitar lead to start the show. Cue lights and the band is onstage and for the next two hours this was a true old fashion rock and roll show. Anchored by Alex Van Halen's thundering drums, and Eddie's guitar heroics Van Halen took us through the catalog of great hits in their repertoire. From the opening "Jump" to the closing "What Is Love" all the hits where there minus some David Lee Roth era tunes but that is to be expected. A rejuvenated Sammy Hagar lead the band with great vocals and an infectious party attitude. Unfortunately the band from the 80's brought their sound system from the 80's, very loud and very muddy, it took a few tunes for my ears to adjust. Highlights on this evening included a ripping version of "Poundcake" complete with electric drill that Eddie uses for the intro. A tremendous 13 minute guitar god solo, and a great rendition of "Panama" and "Ain't Talking Bout Love". Spinal Tap moment of the night would be the two foot plastic palm tree brought out for Sammy's little solo set with the explanation that Canadian Customs would not allow his real palm tree over the border. Low light would be the same old Michael Anthony is that really a bass solo bass solo. Montreal's own Jonas opened the show with a short but direct thirty minute set. Although I'm not familiar with their catalog, they seemed to be making the most of a home town gig. Great energy with simple rock and roll.

Set List:
Humans Being
Up For Breakfast
Bass Solo
Somebody Get Me a Doctor (Mike on lead vocals)
It's About Time
Drum Solo
Top Of The World
Why Can't This Be Love
Eagles Fly (Sammy solo – acoustic)
Deeper Kinda Love (Sammy solo – acoustic)
Learning To See
Best of Both Worlds
Guitar Solo (featuring Wolfgang Van Halen)
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
Right Now
You Really Got Me
When It's Love

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