Eloise At Christmastime DVD

Eloise is back, and just in time for Christmas. "Eloise At Christmastime" is based on the popular children's books written by Kay Thompson. Eloise (Sofia Vassilieva) is an adventurous 6 year old who lives with her Nanny (Julie Andrews) at the prestigious Plaza Hotel in New York City. The holiday season brings many events to the Plaza, including one very important wedding. Eloise finds out that the wedding is for the manager's daughter: Rachel Peabody (Sarah Topham) is getting married to a mystery man named Brooks Oliver (Rick Roberts). Eloise, being the sleuth she is, discovers some disturbing information about Brooks: namely that he is a fraud. Naturally, Eloise does everything she can to postpone the wedding. Meanwhile, Eloise is trying to find a match for her friend Bill (Gavin Creel), and low and behold she ends up reuniting Bill with Rachel and they fall in love. What will come of the wedding? Eloise works hard at bringing happiness to others during the holiday season, but what does Eloise want most? To see her mother, who lives in Paris. Will Eloise get her Christmas wish? "Eloise At Christmastime" is a wonderful story filled with Christmas spirit, complete with bright, joyful colours and marvelous costumes. A lot of attention was paid to detail: set and costume designers searched for the perfect decorations and outfits to bring an hand crafted, retro feel to the movie. Be sure to add this DVD to your Christmas list.

Special Features:

– Absolutely Kay Thompson: This segment speaks about Kay Thompson's progression from a singer, to a comedian to an author.
– Making "Eloise At Christmastime": The creators speak about moving from storybook to film. One of the biggest challenges was taking very small character descriptions from the book and developing them into more complex characters. The director and producers also speak about their choice of actors.
– See The Books: A visual listing of Eloise books by Kay Thompson

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