J.J. Cale

Its been 8 years since J.J. Cale released "Guitar Man". His new album, "To Tulsa And Back" features a new sound combined with the musical style that has been driving Cale for half a century! Cale's inspiration for this album was his roots. He trekked back to his birthplace of Tulsa, Oklahoma to record this album. The initial plan for Cale's next studio CD was to reunite with old friends and his original collaborator Audie Ashworth. Upon hearing that Ashworth had passed away, Cale produced 2001's "Live" album as a tribute to his friend. Three years later, Cale still had the ambition for a reunion, thus the reason behind his trip to Tulsa. There, Cale united with musicians he had not played with in over 40 years! The sound of this album is a representation of the different musical styles found in Tulsa, which just so happens to be what Cale does best: a blend of country, blues and jazz. Cale's musical style has been an influence to countless musicians, such as Eric Clapton, Deep Purple and Johnny Cash, to name a few. "To Tulsa And Back" has Cale focusing on new concerns about worldly issues, while keeping with the sound fans have grown to expect and love from J.J. Cale. Best songs are: "Chains Of Love", "One Step", "The Problem" and "These Blues".

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