The Stills

There is something about The Stills that is absolutely surreal. Maybe it's Tim Fletcher's deep, melancholic vocals, reminiscent of the vocal talent of Robert Smith (The Cure). Maybe it's the haunting melodies, artful song-writing and ambient guitar explorations. "Logic Will Break Your Heart" is a collection of soaring, moody pop/rock songs with meaningful (yet ironic) lyrics. The Still's soft, melancholic edge is reminiscent of The Smiths, Radiohead, and Interpol. This album also brings to mind 80's new wave bands, such as New Order. The Stills have taken the best aspects of each of the aforementioned bands, and produced a sound of their own. Though not widely popular in their hometown of Montreal, The Stills have gained a lot of recognition in the United State. Rolling Stone and MTV have listed The Stills on their "Top Artists To Watch in 2003" lists. NME even wrote: " 'Still In Love Song' is a contender of Single Of The Year". The Stills are: Tim Fletcher (vocals, guitars), Dave Hamelin (drums, keyboards, guitar, vocals), Greg Paquet (lead guitar) and Oliver Crowe (bass). This recording also features Liam O'Neil (additional keyboards) and Werner F (baritone guitar, additional guitars and drum programming). Best songs on the album are: "Lola Stars and Stripes", "Gender Bombs", "Love and Death", "Still In Love Song" and "Yesterday Never Tomorrow".

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