Home Improvement- The Complete First Season

For those of you who are always aspiring for bigger and better, you'll certainly find some hilarity in "Home Improvement". This family comedy is amongst the most popular sitcoms in television history! Tim Alan plays Tim "The Toolman" Taylor, a family man and host of the television show "Tool Time". Of course, things just never go as planned for poor Tim: he is accident prone like you would not believe. Luckily he has has a supportive family and a (faceless) neighbour he can always speak to about his problems. After a long wait, "Home Improvement" is finally available on a 3 disc DVD. Relive the laughs of the entire first season: 24 episodes from 1991-92. Look out for Pamela Anderson, who had a 3 year stint on the show as Lisa, the "Tool Time" girl.

Special Features:

– "Audio Commentary": co-creators and producers Carmern Finestra and David McFradzean comment on 3 of the features episodes.
– "Loose Screws" : a collection of the best "Home Improvement" moments.
– Bonus 2005 Lisa calendar

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