I'm a big believer in physical exercise – I mean, it cleanses the body and mind, it keeps a person looking good and it is a very good release of any pent up tension stored up from life and living. I quite often like to run in the mornings along the Lachine cannel. It's peaceful and quiet with the birds and occasionally, other runners. Now normally nothing overly exciting happens but every once and awhile fate decides to intervene. I was out running along one of my favorite paths one morning – it's my favorite because it's a little bit more challenging and I have to climb over a chain link fence. Unfortunately, this one morning instead of jumping over the wire spikes tried to do some fancy maneuver and my jogging pants got caught. It was a bit of a struggle but I eventually made it over the fence…only I was missing most of my pants! Here I am, two miles from home in a sports bra, a pair of shredded pants and somewhat torn panties. Most of my butt was there for the world to see and I still had to run home! Needless to say I started praying that NO ONE would come by.

Considering the situation, I think it was impossible for fate to give me what I truly wanted. I mean, it was probably the best situation possible to embarrass me. Who ever said destiny doesn't have a sense of humour? I ran into two young men slowly heading to school enjoying a before school smoke. They found my condition quite funny and I guess they couldn't pass up the chance to waste more time. Instead of laughing and letting me pass they decided to have a bit of fun at my expense. Standing in my way the taller one greeted me with "Hey cheeky". Now I'm sure it was suppose to be 'hey chickie' but with my ass hanging out I think I distracted the poor lad-Freudian slip or something. His companion swallowed most of his laughter but he turned an alarming shade of red. The tall one continued on – "It looks like you're a little under dressed for the occasion. I wouldn't mind helping you out". He finally offered me his pants if I would help him out with a little affection. Needless to say I was mortified and furious but quite unprepared to handle the situation. Its not everyday one is forced to run home half undressed! I managed to shove my way past them but their laughter chased me all the way home – I think I broke every speed record I ever set. It was probably one of the best work outs ever, but I know my ego was thoroughly bruised! I'm still working up the courage to run that particular path, but I can't even think about that fence without blushing (on both sets of cheeks). Live and learn I guess, but sometimes I wish the lessons weren't so painful!

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