Let me see if I got this right. You hate your mom, you hate your dad, you hate but love your ex wife, you hate stardom, you love your daughter. If this sounds like something familiar welcome to the aptly named new Eminem album Encore, a huge case of been there done that. On this his fourth album Marshall Mathers does not give us anything more than the status quo, unfortunately even Dr. Dre has let us down with some very weak beats. This is not to say Mr. Mathers has not penned some good rhymes. The song "Puke" depending how sensitive the listener may be is one of the funnier rhymes to date. Yep you guessed it, a rant against his ex wife Kim, but very funny stuff. Again he shows flashes of his old self in "Mosh" a shot at the U.S. President George Bush Jr. We even get the standard lets get a celebrity angry at me song with "Just Lose It" a very nasty shot at Michael Jackson. For the most part if you are a fan after a few listens this album does grow on you, but for the casual listener this is just more of the same with weaker beats.

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