In Search Of Santa

The CGI animated "In Search Of Santa" is a cute story that explores the wholesome nature of the holiday season. In this film, the King and Queen Penguins of Royal Rookey Rock hatch two adorable daughters, Crystal (voiced by Hilary Duff) and Lucinda (voiced by Haylie Duff). Instant sibling rivalry results, as Lucinda is jealous of Crystal's entitlement to inherit the throne. One may wonder if there are some elements of this film that reflect the relationship between real life siblings Hilary (teen pop star) and Haylie Duff's (emerging recording artist)? One day, a sleigh bell mysteriously falls from the sky and lands in Royal Rookey Rock. Princess Crystal is convinced that the bell is from one of Santa's reindeer. Crystal sets out on a quest to find out if Santa really exists. Lucinda will not let her sister have all the fun, and decides to follow. Over the course of the journey, the sisters encounter many perils, such as pirates, beasts and mean elves. The experience brings Crystal and Lucinda together, as they learn about themselves, each other and the true meaning of Christmas. A very sweet story that is bound to capture the hearts of young children.

Special Feature:

"Inside The Recording Booth With Hilary And Haylie Duff": Hilary and Haylie speak about their experience in the studio. Haylie points out that one of the biggest challenges is keeping her voice consistent over three days of recording. They also believe that this was the perfect script for them to do together because they are "as close as sisters can get".

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