That’s So Raven!

Raven (Raven Baxter) has an amazing ability to see into the future. Every so often, she has a vision related to an upcoming situation, which in turn influences her actions leading up to the event. Enter the mind of this funky, creative teen as she embarks on crazy journeys on her sitcom "That's So Raven!". This DVD is named for the episode entitled "That's So Not Raven", where Raven enters her dress design in a fashion contest. It has been Raven's dream to model her own clothing, and to her surprise she wins the contest! Things take a turn for the worse when Raven finds out that she is not allowed to model her creation because she doesn't have the "perfect" body. How will she overcome the challenge? Other episode are "If I Only Had A Job", where Raven doesn't land the lead in her school play, but gets an even cooler gig designing the costumes for the production. In "He's Got The Power", Raven and her best friend dress up as Divas to save Raven's father's job. Finally in "Boyz N' Commotion" (a never before seen episode), Raven has connections: she is buddies with the cool boy band Boyz N' Motion. What she wants most of all is for the band to sing at her school's music festival. Will she be able to convince them?

Special Features:

Raven, who is also a singer, performs two music videos made for the show: "Supernatural" and "That's So Raven".

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