Northern Exposure

Remember that lanky moose crossing Main Street in Cicely, Alaska? Ah nostalgia it's such a comfortable vehicle that transports us back to familiar time in our lives. In this case Northern Exposure debuted on CBS in 1990. The first season only featured 8 endearing episodes; yet year two featured a full season of delightful characters that included: the always out of place New York yuppie Dr. Joel Fleischman (Rob Morrow) and the lovely bush pilot/messenger Maggie (Janine Turner). Maggie's oft catastrophic relationships coupled with Joel's irreverence to life in the great north drive the show. The supporting cast is equally brilliant and includes: Chris, the DJ/philosopher (John Corbett), Holling, the bartender (John Cullum), Maurice, the town patriarch (Barry Corbin), Ed, the native aspiring filmmaker (Darren E. Burrows). Of course several other familiar faces also line the streets of Cicely.

Northern Exposure featured a strong ensemble together with imaginative and entertaining stories. The weekly program was followed by millions of viewers and garnered seven Emmy awards between 1990 and 1996.

If you've never checked out this show, the premise is simple. The viewer follows the lives of several uniquely interesting and endearing characters. The mundane is never dull, in Cicely. As "Chris the Morning DJ" states, "It's hard not to become reflective during the…months leading to the winter solstice…the leaves are down, the harvest's in…" It's this time of year that we should hole ourselves inside in the early dark and curl up in front of our old friends, the characters that make up Northern Exposure. Where do I stand in line for season three?

Special DVD Features:

– Each episode includes 5-10 minutes of outtakes and deleted scenes.
– Don't miss the sometimes hilarious "Unexpected Footage."

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