Colette Baron-Reid

This double CD marks the musical debut for emerging Canadian artist Colette Baron-Reid. She has worked for over a decade as a clairvoyant, helping people gain insight into their lives. She firmly believes song writing coincides with her practice: she sings about her philosophies on life, the subconscious and its interconnection with reality. Baron-Reid's reality was rather tainted. "Beauty In Hard Places" seems to deal with Baron-Reid's coming clean of her drug and alcohol addiction: a major turning point in her life taking place almost 15 years ago. "I Am" is about self-realization: about Baron-Reid, but also as a guide for her listeners. Even the songs themselves have a sort of ethereal quality. Baron-Reid sings along to pop, folk and piano numbers. Her voice brings to mind that of Kate Bush or Tori Amos and even Alanis Morissette at times. The album features 12 musicians, playing instruments ranging from violin and flute, to synthesizer and erhu. The second CD, "Grace" is even more remarkable than the first. It is a meditation CD of 8 atmospheric pieces, all of which are written by Baron-Reid. Best songs are: "Beauty In Hard Places", "I am", "Black Swan", "Light" and "Spirit".

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