Low Millions

Adam Cohen has been fortunate enough to have music in his blood: his father is world renown singer/song writer Leonard Cohen. Adam Cohen has clearly learned a thing or two from dad. This talented artist first began as a solo act, and now fronts the band Low Millions, featuring Jorgen Carlsson (bass), Michael Chaves (guitar) and Eric Eldenius (drums) and Cohen additionally on keyboard and guitar. Low Millions move away from the quirky vague poetic styles heard by many contemporary rock musicians, and go back to traditional, clean cut story telling. They play bluesy rock songs about love and break-ups, which may in fact be typical, but their sound certainly isn't. "Ex-Girlfriends" may not be the album you'll want to turn to if you've suffered a recent romantic loss. Hearing Cohen sing about how he misses Julia, Jane and Nikki will only fuel the fire. However, For those who have come to terms with the fact that Mary, Jo or Bob is never coming back, this album may be comforting. Even those who have not gone through heart break will appreciate the honesty of Cohen's lyrics. Of course, the music ain't half bad either. Fans of Coldplay and Maroon 5 should definitely check out Low Millions. Listen up for influences from the likes of U2 and R.E.M. Best songs are: "Eleanor", "Low Millions", "Diary" and "Nikki Don't Stop".

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