Mickey Mouse in Black and White

When you think of the body of work produced by Walt Disney, the sheer amount of it really is mind-boggling. Well, he's back again, from within that block of ice, and right into our DVD players. It kinda warms your heart. Just in time for the holidays, too. Actually, it's Mickey (Walt's alter ego) that's back – from the past – for Volume 2 of the Walt Disney Treasures' Mickey Mouse in Black and White (1928 – 1935). This fascinating volume is a lesson in film history and particularly interesting to watch in chronological order to see the improvement in animation quality from one film to the next. Not to mention the great gags and emotional moments, all tied in with great music… and it still works in 2004!

It's hard to say why this simple mouse character has had such an impact and remains, nearly eighty years after his creation, an icon of pop culture. The mouse is, and was, particularly in the 1920's and 30's, a worldwide phenomenon. His animated shorts were often billed above the feature on the marquees outside the theatres because they were more popular than the main film. Maybe his popularity in the 30's had to do with his energy and optimistic demeaner amid the economic hardships of the time. But what about today? One thing is for certain: The mouse will be around for generations to come and will outlive all of us. Wouldn't it be nice to be around on the day when they un-freeze Walt and he and Mickey will be re-united?

Special Feature:

-From the Vault – Short Talkies that some people would rather ignore or sweep under the rug. These shorts include racist gags and examples of ignorance of the period toward foreign cultures.
-Exclusive introductions by Leonard Maltin.
-Mickey Mania – Collecting Mickey merchandise
-Gallery of background paintings
-Storyboards and animation
-Mickey's poster archive
– Mickey Mouse, Fully covered
-Mickey's Sunday comic strips
-Mickey's Portrait Artist: John Hench

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