The Mickey Mouse Club, Week One

Walt Disney's first Mickey Mouse Club episode aired in 1955, a precedent was set. This was the first one-hour filmed children's show ever. There had been kid's shows before, like Howdy Doody that started at the same time as television itself, but The Mickey Mouse Club was something different. After all, Mr. Disney had always been an innovator, not a follower.

And boy did it take off. Millions of kids from around the world grew up on this, and like every other great kid's show since, from Sesame Street to Passe-Partout, their minds were molded and shaped by it. What a great example of a product of it's time. 1950's America was the epoch of the Cleavers. These were the days of kitchen appliances and vast highway networks. The sprouting of suburbs and happy house-wives; men were men, women were women, and kids were Mouseketeers.

During each 1-hour long episode, there was a theme for the day. And then at some point, they would air the Mickey Mouse Club newsreel (do kids today even know what that means? Then there would be games, singing, dancing, cartoons, and in one oh-boy-extra-special episode, there's even a special feature on jobs kids can look forward to when they grow up – as long as they're gender appropriate, of course. But at the end of the day, this nostalgic two-disc set serves as a great time-capsule. Only strange thing is, that when I was done watching, I couldn't figure out why my mom wasn't in my kitchen fixing me dinner…

Sing it with me, everyone, M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E!


-Inside the Clubhouse
-Spreading the Word
-Sketching the Ideas
-Mousecateer Role Call
-Mouseke-Memories. A special Q&A with the grown-up, original
Mouseketeers: There are some nostalgic moments sure to make you
understand what the show meant, not only to the millions of fans, but
to the few hundred that worked on it too.
-The Mouseketeers Debut at Disneyland
-Opening Sequesnce in Colour. This classic-of-classics of TV opening sequences is a genious work of art, and has Walt's signature shots and ideas all over it.
– Still Frame Galleries

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