Andrea Bocelli

Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli is once again exploring his success on the other side of the pond. This international success has a whole slue of albums to his name, and seems to be getting better with each release. "Andrea" is the most intimate album as of yet, as the title Continue Reading

The Clearing

The Clearing is, by no means, an edge of your seat thriller. It's simple and contrived. But it does make a point and it does give us a glimpse of another reality. The main protagonist Wayne Hayes (played by none other than Robert Redford) is your stereotypical man living the Continue Reading


Does this poor guy ever get any time off? Does he ever sleep, in his bed, like a normal person, and have silly dreams that make him laugh when he wakes up and thinks of them? Honestly, things never seem to stop for Jack Bauer. And why would they? After Continue Reading


This is the original motion picture soundtrack to the hot new film "Beyond The Sea": a biopic on 1960's crooner Bobby Darin. The film was directed by well known actor, Kevin Spacey. Some would call Spacey brave for choosing to do a movie about Bobby Darin, who wasn't the most Continue Reading