Andrea Bocelli

Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli is once again exploring his success on the other side of the pond. This international success has a whole slue of albums to his name, and seems to be getting better with each release. "Andrea" is the most intimate album as of yet, as the title clearly suggests. Boccelli's big claim to fame in the commercial world was his hit 1997 hit "Con Te Partiro (Time To Say Goodbye", a breathtaking romantic song. "Andrea" keeps with the theme of "Con Te Partiro", with songs like "Tu Ci Sei (You Are There)" and "Dell' Amore Non Si Sa (With Love You Never Know)". Bocelli also takes a number of risks on this record, such as with "Sin Tu Amor", where Bocelli adopts a folk-pop style, reminiscent of the Gipsy Kings. This album even features a duet in English with 11 year old Holly Stell on "Where Love Goes", from the film "Lazarus Child". "Andrea" is a wonderfully crafted album of slow, intense love songs that only Bocelli could make so beautiful.

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