Augie March

You probably have never heard of Augie March. That's because these Australian musicians have yet to get the international exposure they deserve. The band consists of five talented musicians: Glenn Richards (singer/songwriter), Adam Donovan (guitar), Edmond Ammendola (bass), David Williams (drums/percussion) and Kiernan Box (piano/accordion). "Strange Bird" mark the third release for this band: a collection of artfully crafted songs that each present their own uniqueness. In fact, that's one of the things that makes this band so amazing: they are able to weave back and forth through an array of different musical styles, while keeping the album perfectly coherent. From folksy guitars, soft piano and zen brass segments, Augie March seem to be painting a musical picture with their sound. Augie March lyrics are just as strong as the music itself. Richars pens the most original of words, creating rich imagery. For example in "Little Wonder" he muses "On the wall behind some furniture there's a stain in the shape of Africa/O fear walks tall, when it's halfway up the hill with its friend alcohol". The band's love of poetry definitely comes across in this album. In fact, the linear notes read as as a poetry book, with copyright (and band) information in the front, a table of contents, and an "Index Of First Lines" listed in the back of the booklet.Best songs are: "This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers", "Song In The Key Of Change", "Up The Hill And Down" and "O Song".

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