Mary Poppins / 40th Anniversary Edition 2 Disc Set

"Mary Poppins" is one of those movies that doesn't need an introduction, seeing as it has become a Disney classic. When it first came out in 1964, "Mary Poppins" had viewers stunned by the special effects. In fact, Julie Andrews was asked by many children if she could really fly. While the effect in this film are seen as rather basic in our technical day and age, some of the techniques that began on the set of "Mary Poppins" continue to be used today. In addition to magic visual effects, this film also has a wonderful cast. Julie Andrews (Mary) and Dick Van Dyke (Bert) provide a truly stellar performance. In honour of the 40th Anniversary of "Mary Poppins", Disney has released this special 2 disc DVD set, packed with hours of extras to enjoy.

Special Features:

-"Audio Commentary": Julie Andrews, Karen Dotrice, Richard Sherman, Robert Sherman, and Dick Van Dyke comment on the entire film.

-"Poppins Pop-Up Fun Facts": An option for fun facts about "Mary Poppins" to show while watching the movie.

-"Disney's Song Selection": Choose from all the songs in the film, with or without the lyrics on the screen.

-"Deleted Song: Chimpanzoo": A song originally meant for Mary to sing, performed by RIchard Sherman (who co-wrote the musical score for the movie).

-"A Magical Musical Reunion": Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke and Richard Sherman discuss the origins of the songs from the movie.

-"A Musical Journey": Richard Sherman talks about his 3 year experience working on "Mary Poppins", including how the songs were done, which ones were cut and how they produced the songs. An interesting tidbit: for the song.

-"Supercalifragalisticexpialodocious" each instrument and vocal part was recorded independently.

-"I Love To Laugh": in this game, the viewer in in Uncle Albert's house and must help him float back down to the floor through a series of questions.

-"Supercalifragalisticexpialodocious: The Making Of Mary Poppins": Join many of the creators and some of the actors from this films as they talk about their experience working with Walt Disney on the set of "Mary Poppins".

-"Movie Magic": A brief breakdown of some of the special effects seen in this movie.

-"Deconstruction Of A Scene": Take a close look at how two significant musical scenes from this movie were created: "Jolly Holiday" and "Step In Time".

-"Dick Van Dyke Make-Up Test": Van Dyke talks about his additional role as Mr Dawes Sr.

-"The Gala World Premiere": Visual and sound clips from this premiere (red carpet and the after party) were found in the Disney vaults. These clips were carefully matched up and presented for the first time on this DVD. They even had Disney characters on the red carpet!

-"Publicity": Original teaser trailer, movie trailer, original TV spots and trailer re-issues from 1966 and two from 1973.

-"Mary Poppins Still Art Galleries": Visual development, story development, Peter Ellenshaw's paintings (used for the landscape in the movie), recording sessions, Walt & friends, costumes and make-up, behind-the-scenes, cast photos, the premiere, publicity and memorabilia.

-"The Cat That Looked At A King": A bonus short film featuring Julie Andrews, based on the Mary Poppins stories by P.L. Travers.

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