The history of the Matadors lies in a well crafted lengend, which can be found on their website. What is fact and what is fiction is for the reader to decide. What is known for sure is that the band came together in 1995, in some Ontarian suburb. Joel "Hooch" Parkins (vocals/guitar) started the band with two friends: "Creepin'" Jeff Sheppard (doghouse bass) and a mystery man on drums. It's been said that the unamed member couldn't stand the heat, and was soon replaced by Jay (drums). The trio are all about all things oldschool rock and roll. The Matadors are slick, styled musicians producing some of the meanest rockabilly tunes out there. These guys are bad to the core, with their songs referencing the baddest of bad: Lucifer, demons, pure evil and of course hot cars and hot women. Let "The Devil's Music" satisfy your craving for rock and roll as it was meant to be! Best songs are: "The Evil Eye", "Creeping Demon", "Burning Desire", "Hellbound" and "Succubus".

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