This is the original motion picture soundtrack to the hot new film "Beyond The Sea": a biopic on 1960's crooner Bobby Darin. The film was directed by well known actor, Kevin Spacey. Some would call Spacey brave for choosing to do a movie about Bobby Darin, who wasn't the most popular of musicians at the time. Not only that, but Spacey took it upon himself to play the lead role, even though he is substantially older than Darin ever was (Darin died at age 37). Despite these descrepancies, Spacey really proves himself as a talented perfromer in the role of Bobby Darin, going as far as doing all the vocal work on the soundtrack! This soundtrack features the complete set of Bobby Darin songs from film: 18 classics that Spacey reinterprets more or less according to the book, while adding his own subtle touches to the songs. Spacey reported that half the fun of making this album was recording at the Abby Road Studio 2, made famous by the Beatles who recorded 172 songs there. Best songs are: "Once Upon A Time", "Mack The Knife", "Splish Splash", "Artificial Flowers" and "As Long As I'm Singing".

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