Various Artists

I do believe the artists had their collective hearts n the right place' and I love all of the participating musicians…which is why this CD was disappointing. Maynard? Where is he? Doing BACKUP vocals (except for his 'duet' w/ Chris Cornell). WTF?? They got Serj id the front-man while Maynard sits in the background? I know Maynard's style isn't about being upfront, but damn, at least his voice could have saved half the songs on this CD. Serj is great in System of a Down…but singing U2 and Bob Dylan songs is not something he does well.

And what of Tom Morello? Where is the funk? Where is the fire? No, I do not expect 'RATM' all the time, but where is the protest in his protest music? None of this music makes you want to get up and protest the war or atrocities to man kind. Or put it this way…Tom holds an acoustic guitar almost throughout this entire thing…so if you expect some fight music, forget it. Bust out the daisies. We're not going to rage against the machine here…we're going to sleep against the machine.

And watching the included DVD only makes things worse. Wait, is that Serj holding a piece of paper with the lyrics to 'Get Up Stand Up'? Wait, is that him again holding ANOTHER lyric sheet for 'Where the Streets Have No Name'? Did we not practice before coming to the show?

If you wanted something to get your blood going in these times of political chaos, then this isn't it. Go back and listen to some Hendrix or Dylan or RATM instead. But if you were looking for an album of folksy-songs…then go buy a folk album.

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